Produced while employed by 140BBDO

Artefact is a high-end boutique interior design company that searches the continent for rare pieces of artwork to create extraordinary pieces of Africa.
The visual language of the brand is designed to reflect an African energy and landscape without falling into the usual visual tropes. Instead the brand takes sober and minimal approach to Africa.
The corporate identity created reflects Artefact’s ethos from stationery through to their website, drawing inspiration traditional Adinkra symbolism, artefacts and the shapes and colours of the Affrican dunes. 


Graphic design
Art Direction


Photography by: 
Adriaan Louw
Creative direction: Alexis Beckit
Executive creative direction: Mike Schalit


Designing your Identity: Stationery design by Wang Shaoqiang, Sandu Publishing, 2015

Arteffact_0004_Layer 4Arteffact_0004_Layer 4

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