Twenty Journey

Produced in collaboration with the Twenty Journey

In 2014, twenty years after democracy, three young South African photographers travelled throughout their homeland to examine to what extent Nelson Mandela’s vision had been achieved. 

The year was a significant one to make a journey of personal and societal enquiry into what it means to be a South African; The nation’s guardian Nelson Mandela had most recently passed away, a new young and energetic political party had recently emerged in the EFF, and the 2014 National Elections were imminent. 

Each photographer focused on a particular theme:

Wikus de Wet, an Afrikaner from Bloemfontein, looked to discover the relationship between land and the people who occupy it.

Sipho Mpongo, a Xhosa from Nqamakwe, documented the ‘Born Free’ generation - those born after the fall of Apartheid.

Sean Metelerkamp, an English-speaking South African from Knysna, sought to capture the idiosyncrasies - the alien and absurd realities of his country.

The Twenty Journey Booklet is a collection of stories, paraphernalia and photos from the life changing journey through South Africa.

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Photography by Sean Metelerkamp, Wikus de Wet & Sipho Mpongo
Edited by Sarah-Claire Picton



All images are the property of Hanno van Zyl and may not be reproduced without his consent.